Message from ISU Alumni Representative Soyeon Yi

Dear ISU Community member, dear fellow alumna / alumnus, I would like to thank all those who participated in the elections late last year, and to say how proud I am to represent you at the ISU Board. I believe it would be the opportunity for me to return the favor of ISU community.

I look forward to meeting many of you in conjunction with the ISU Board meeting and the Intl. Astronautical Congress next October in Washington DC. I invite you to mark on your agendas: the evening of Wednesday 23 October 2019 in room room 207AB of the W. E. Washington Convention Center for a joint reception offered by ISU with IAF’s Workforce Development and Young Professionals members, and with the Space Generation Advisory Council.

I have learned that we are being joined this year by a record number of new alumni, starting with the 50 graduates from SH-SSP in Adelaide last February. They will soon be joined by the the inaugural class of ISU's Commercial Space Course  at Florida Institute of Technology, and later by the graduates of SSP19 in Strasbourg, followed by the Masters MSS19 students who are currently working on their internships around the world.

I will be pleased to participate (via video) to the International Astronaut Panel scheduled for 1st July together with astronauts Nicole Stott, Paolo Nespoli and Jean-François Clervoy, and ISU’s Faculty member and former ESA flight surgeon Volker Damann. I am so sorry that I cannot make SSP as well as the panel in person this year; hopefully, I will join ISU program and meet you there again soon.

Enjoy the (Northern Hemisphere) Summer!

Your Alumni Representative to the ISU Board of Trustees

Soyeon Yi (SSP09)