Space Resources Professional Course – A Unique Offering by ISU, CSM and LSA

The International Space University ISU in collaboration with the Colorado School of Mines CSM and the Luxembourg Space Agency LSA are launching a professional course about space resources. Taking place on 7 and 8 October 2019 at the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

“The Space Resources Professional Course represents a unique opportunity to learn from world experts about the latest developments in this dynamic and growing field of study that is so crucial to the future of exploration and development of space.” Dr Mathias Link – Director International Affairs –

This course provides a broad overview of the space resources field, including the current knowledge of available resources in the Solar System, identification, collection, extraction, processing, and utilization systems under development, economic and technical feasibility studies, legal and policy issues, and space exploration architectures and commercial ventures that may be enabled by utilizing extraterrestrial resources in the near future.

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Photo Credit: ESA / Foster + Partners